Is human society collapsing because we don’t recognize the work and intelligence of other species?

By Didi Pershouse
With the Regenerative Economy Collaborative


Just up the road from here, essential workers are building a series of small dams to prevent flooding in the towns downstream from me. They are using a technology that allows fish to travel upstream, filters out pollutants from the water flowing…

As we begin to fathom the interconnectedness of life, the doctor’s mandate “first, do no harm,” becomes a much more complex task.

Matheus Ferrero via Unsplash

Editor’s note: This story was first published on the Post Growth Institute’s blog in 2013, when many of the ideas featured were ahead of their time.

People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention…

Didi Pershouse

Author of the Ecology of Care: Medicine, Agriculture, Money, and the Quiet Power of Human and Microbial Communities. Founder of Land and Leadership Initiative.

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